So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ. (Romans 10:17)


    APRIL 4, 2019

    Fair. Honest. An invitation to discover, and find out more.

    Such are my initial impressions of the movie entitled “Unplanned.”

    It’s about a former Planned Parenthood clinic director’s journey from overseeing 22,000 abortions to a pro-life position. Her name is Abby Johnson. She actually was awarded employee of the year in 2008.

    In an online ABC News article, Johnson said she wanted the movie to show “in real life, what is happening in these clinics—not vilify them or to demonize them—just to show the truth. I feel like that’s what people want right now,”

    Yes, the movie shows a little baby in the womb as it is aborted through a cannula (tube).

    Yes, it does show some blood as Abby went through an RU-486 drug-induced abortion.

    But in my opinion, there’s more blood and gory scenes by far on regular television and the movies. An “R” rating is at least debatable.

    Another comment by Johnson is worth exploring. “There was never a time when a woman—and I saw thousands of women—walked in to our clinic and said: ‘I am so excited to exercise my right to choose today … Women came to our clinics … because they felt like they were out of choices, because they had no other option…”

    Hurting women. And men, too.

    Guilty consciences galore.

    Only God’s blood cleans guilty consciences. “The blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin,” (1 John 1:7b).

    IMO, this movie is worth your time to see. 

    Pastor Golter is the Senior Pastor at Trinity Lutheran

  • It's a big deal

    APRIL 18, 2019

    Matthew (28.5%) – Mark (37.5%) – Luke (25%) – John (47.6 %)


    I know: the percentage of the … 

    Words of Jesus.

    Miracles of Jesus.

    Time spent in Jerusalem.

    No. No. No.

    The last week of Jesus’ life, Holy Week, as detailed in the Gospels.

    Wake up, everyone! To the author of the Bible, the Holy Spirit, this is a big deal.

    All the promises in the Old Testament, centering on the sending of God’s Son as blood sacrifice and payment for sin and His resurrection, find their completion in these Holy Days.

    It’s a big deal for the Holy Spirit.

    And, for you. 

    Pastor Golter is the Senior Pastor at Trinity Lutheran