Lay Theology Conference 2019

On the morning of Saturday, November 2, members from several area Lutheran congregations, and as far away as Hiawatha, Iowa, gathered together for the inaugural Lay Theological Conference to rejoice in the Lord's Word and to consider the gift of the Christian's freed will. Presentations were made on the topics of the human will, the role of Good Works, and various conditions of one's conscience. You can find links to the papers from Pastors Hoft, Neuendorf, and Ferch below for your own reflection and to God's glory.

  • The Human Will, Free or Bound?

    Pastor Peter Hoft

    Park View Lutheran

  • Good Works and Where They Come From

    Pastor Christopher Neuendorf

    Holy Cross Lutheran

  • The Calloused, Calamitous (Evil), Counterfeit, and Clean Consciences

    Pastor Bradley Ferch

    Immanuel Lutheran