let's go pledge

You can submit your 2-year generosity pledge by CLICKING HERE.


Stay in tune with the latest, regarding Trinity Lutheran's Let's Go journey!

ONE VISION, ONE MISSION RESOURCED BY ONE FUND: Trinity has one vision, one  mission resourced by one fund - its our battle cry. You can check out more about the process by CLICKING HERE

BRINGING SPARKLE BACK TO OUR WELCOME MAT: During the past 60 years our Welcome Mat has become worn. Read more about the amazing opportunities to bring sparkle back to Trinity's Welcome Mat by CLICKING HERE.

PIECE FALLING INTO PLACE: For the past several months, Trinity's Build Team and the Aspen Group have been investigating and crafting refurbishing and future plans for our building. Check out the details by CLICKING HERE.

POWERFUL MESSAGE: A Trinity seventh-grader shared a powerful message during our Feb. 27 Let's Go vision launch. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

LET'S GO OFF TO AMAZING START: Our Let's Go vision launch is off to a fast start, check out the details by CLICKING HERE.

BUILDING A BUZZ: Trinity's Let's Go vision is creating quite a buzz around campus, including what the future may hold for our facility. Read more by CLICKING HERE.

FAMILY TIME: Did you know that families spend about 37 minutes per day of quality time together. Our on-the-go mentality has dug into our family time. Read more by CLICKING HERE.

STRUGGLE WILL MAKE US STRONGER: We will have to fight, scratch and stronger, but it will make us stronger. We still have room to grow in our generosity. Read more by CLICKING HERE.


LET'S GO FOCUS STUDY GUIDE: Each week, Trinity will be sharing a Let's Go Focus study guide. It's an opportunity to learn more about our Let's Go initiative and take a deep dive into each week's scripture readings as well as strengthen your generosity. Check out this week's study guide by CLICKING HERE.