Enrollment preparations for 2020-21 under way

While the ball has dropped, signaling the beginning of a new year, another important countdown has begun for Trinity Lutheran ChurchSchool.

With a little more than seven months to go, enrollment preparations for the

2020-21 school year are well under way.

“It’s kind of like Christmas,” said Tim Leibold, who is Trinity’s Director of Admissions. “You do a lot of planning and preparing to welcome new families to Trinity and to also keep the families that we already have. And once we get everyone together on the first day of school, you have all of these wonderful gifts from God, wanting to hear and share His word.”

It truly is the best time of the year.

During the next couple of weeks, Trinity will be hosting informational enrollment meetings for current and new families that will have a preschooler or kindergartner for the 2020-21 school year.

In February, the re-enrollment process for all grades for current Trinity families and enrollment for new families joining Trinity will begin.

Contact calls, emails, letters, post cards, social media campaigns and tours of the school, which includes educating and sharing Trinity’s values, also are a part of the process that continue through the spring and into the summer months.

“It’s such a fast-paced time of the year,” said Tim Leibold. “But also a wonderful opportunity to meet new families, and hear their stories, and also share with them the amazing things happening here at Trinity Lutheran ChurchSchool.”

So, how can you be involved ?

There are several easy ways that you can make a difference, including:

Spreading the word: If you know of someone that might be interested in sending their children to Trinity Lutheran, have them call the school office at 563-322-5224.

Trinity’s Annual Fund campaign: You can make a gift to Trinity’s Annual Fund Campaign, which uses funds to help with tuition assistance. If you would like to make a gift, please contact the school office.

Pray: This is the most important. In addition to keeping Trinity School in your prayers, also keep the families that are considering enrolling in Trinity your prayers.

“In terms of enrollment, the sky’s the limit here at Trinity,” said Tim Leibold. “We’ve got a great staff, great pastoral staff, great support staff, great families, and most importantly a great God, who provides.”