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  • Religion week 5 - Psalm 23:1-2

    Paper Bag Lamb Puppet   

  • Drawing World

    Since this will be the last week before summer break, here are tons of drawing prompts for the week and beyond! Get out your sketch book, scratch paper, or any kind of paper you can find. Grab a pencil and get started!

  • Religion Week 4 - Kindness

  • nature themed art

  • Religion Week 3 - Sneaky Snake

  • Lego Building Challenges

    30 days of Lego building challenges

  • Elementary Art Project for Religion Week Two

    LoveServe One Another Through Love

  • Do Good In Your Neighborhood Art

    Make your neighbors happy!

  • home art bingo

  • 38 Art ideas

  • art - just for fun

    A few ideas to help keep your creative side active.