US History

  • Historical Cooking: Native American Corn Recipes

    Goal: Learn a little bit more Native American Cultures and the First People of the Americas. (Also get to learn how to cook)!

    Time: 30 minutes +

    What to Do: COOK! There are a couple recipes to choose from. The directions are outlined in the recipes. Cook one or all of them, it is up to you.

    Materials: The materials are listed for each recipe on the source.


  • Covered Wagon Learning Activities

    Goal: Learn a little bit about life in covered wagons along the Oregon Trail. (Pioneer History)

    Time: 15 minutes + (depends on which activity you choose)

    What to Do: There are several activities to choose from. Don’t feel intimidated because it says Middle School. Many of these activities including lower elementary could participate in. Activities include, making a covered wagon, drawing a life sized wagon, examining pioneer life, making a pioneer meal, or packing a pioneer wagon. You can do one or more of the activities. Maybe along the way reenact a story on the Oregon Trail.

    Materials: Materials are listed on the source.


  • Tracking the Buffalo

    Goal: Learn a little about the Buffalo and Native Americans that lived on the plains.

    Time: 15 minutes+

    What to Do: These are two short activities.One of the activities focuses on the cultural and language of Native Americans. This activity asks you to decipher the language and learn what it means. The other interactive activity focuses on the use of Buffalo for Native American people. Both interactive activities are short and won’t take long.

    Materials: Internet Capabilities


  • Oregon TraiL

    Goal: Learn about the Oregon Trail and have fun doing it.

    Time: 15 minutes +

    What to Do: Play the Oregon Trail Game and learn a little bit more about the settlers of the west. (Also can learn a little geography in the process) This is not the only site that has the Oregon Trail. There are plenty of them out there if this one does not work.

    Materials: Internet Capabilities


  • Benjamin Franklin

    Goal: Learn a little more about Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States.

    Time: 15minutes +

    What to Do: There is a lot to do with this website. There is a fair amount of information, but the interactive activities under the “EXPLORE” feature are pretty fun and engaging. Under the “EXPLORE” there is “How Shocking” (an activity about electricity), “Ben’s Town” a hometown tour, “Worldly Ways” (Ben’s travels) and lastly “Make a Kite” (which involves making a kite). Do one or do them all. Find one that interests your child and go with it. You can always read up on the information from the other tabs.

    Materials: Internet Capabilities


  • PBS Learning Media (Videos)

    Goal: Learn some more about American History through PBS Learning Media

    Time: 15 minutes +

    What to Do: Watch one or more the videos through the PBS Learning Media. The PBS Learning Media has many videos, interactive lessons, and activities to do if you are interested in finding more social studies related content to do at home. Here a couple of videos that would be fun to watch with your kids.

    Materials: Internet Capabilities

social studies (3rd-5th)

Culture Study

  • Life in a Native Kentucky Village (Activity)

    Goal:  To learn how Native Americans lived and interacted before European settlers arrived in Kentucky.

    Time: 15+ minutes

    What You Need:  Online capabilities

    What to Do:  Click on the different sections and learn a little bit more about Native American Culture in Kentucky.  After they are done you could have your child right a little summary about what they learned or have them create  a story from the perspective of a Native American living in that village.


  • Cooking Activity: (Activity)

    Goal:  The goal is to discover new cultures and countries by what the cook.  To understand not everyone eats the same food that we do in the United States.

    Time: 45+ (Depends on which recipe that you choose to do)

    What You Need: (Materials are listed for each recipe on the link)

    What to Do:  Cook the food and eat it.  Some of these recipes are harder than others.  Try to pick on that you and your child can do together.  Share your finished creation with others.



  • What is…: (Video)

    Goal: The goal is to learn a little history about foreign countries while at the same time being exposed to different customs and cultures.

    Time: 15 minutes +

    What You Need:  Online Capabilities

    What to Do:



    Explore the different videos of Uzbekistan, India, and Lithuania.


  • Holidays (Video)

    Goal:  To learn about different religions and cultures and the holidays that they celebrate.

    Time: 15 minutes +

    What You Need:  Online Capabilities

    What to Do:  Watch the one, two, or all of the videos.  Learn more about the holidays they celebrate and why they celebrate them.