Study of US History

  • American Symbols

    Goal: Identify important american symbols.

    Time: 10 minutes +

    What to Do: There are five different worksheets that your child can do, each of the worksheets corresponds with a U.S symbol. You can do one of them or all of them, it is up to you.

    Materials: Printer, Markers, Crayons


  • Going on a Bear Hunt

    Goal: Identify Landmarks (if you want you could include landmarks from around the Quad Cities)

    Time: 10 minutes +

    What to Do: Read the book Going on a Bear Hunt. After you have finished reading the book identify the key landmarks in the book. Have your child draw the landmarks and color them in. If you feel up to the challenge, you and your child can create a rendition of the book that involves the quad cities. (Mississippi River, farms, hills, downtown) Up to you on how creative you want to be. Once you have finished creating the book share it with someone.

    Materials: The book Going on a Bear Hunt. Markers, crayons, color pencils.



    Goal: Learn a little more about U.S History or Geography.

    Time: 10 minutes +

    What to Do: The source, Mr Nussbaum, is a website full of activities and games for all grades and all subjects. In the specific social studies tab, there are several games that correspond over different social studies subject areas. There are A LOT of games. Have your child pick one of the games and enjoy it. You can even play jeopardy along with them and brush up on some history trivia.


  • SchoolHouse Rock (Videos)

    Goal: Learn a little more about U.S History through the wonderful videos from Schoolhouse Rock!

    Time: 5 minutes +

    What to Do: Watch the videos! After you are done, talk with your children about what they learned.

    Materials: Internet Capabilities


Social studies (k-2)

Culture Study

  • Traditional Clothes Around the Globe (Video)

    Goal: The goal is to learn about different clothing that other cultures are accustomed to.

    Time: 15 minutes +

    What You Need:  Nothing (just depends on what you want to do with the video.

    What to Do: You can do what you want with this video.  You and your child could watch the video and learn a little bit more about different clothing around the globe or you could have your own dress up time.  If your child isn’t interested in a dress up time, have them draw a picture or pick one of the cultures and learn a little bit more about that specific culture.  The possibilities of learning are endless.


  • Country Coloring Pages: (Activity)

    Goal: The goal is to learn a little bit about different countries around the world.

    Time: 15 minutes + (depends on how much detail you want to put into the picture)

    What You Need: Printer (to print of worksheet), Paper, Colors

    What to Do:  Color in the picture.  You could color one of these a day and post them in a place where you can see them to reinforce learning.  If you want to continue the learning with your child have them research a little bit more about the country.


  • Cooking Activity: (Activity)

    Goal:  The goal is to discover new cultures and countries by what the cook.  To understand not everyone eats the same food that we do in the United States.

    Time: 45+ (Depends on which recipe that you choose to do)

    What You Need: (Materials are listed for each recipe on the link)

    What to Do:  Cook the food and eat it.  Some of these recipes are harder than others.  Try to pick on that you and your child can do together.  Share your finished creation with others.


  • Alaskian Culture: (Activity)(Video)

    Goal:  The goal is to learn a little more about Alaskian culture through a video and game.

    Time:  30+ (Depends on if you watch both the video and play the game)

    What You Need:  Access the Links (you might need to turn on flash for the Sled Dog Dash Game)

    What to Do:  Watch the episode of Molly of Denali.  Discuss with your child what they learned about Alaskian culture.  Have your child then play the Sled Dog Dash Game.  After they have finished discussing what they learned.  Here’s a couple options you could do when your done.

    • Have them create a Sled Dog Picture
    • Have them create a Sled Dog Story
    • Have them create a Sled Dog Course around the house (as long as they have your permission).


    • Sled Dog Dash Game (Molly of Denali)(Interactive Game)




    • New Nivagi (Molly of Denali)(Video)