How would you like to reduce your tuition for the current school year? By participating in the SCRIP Program, you can accumulate dollars to be applied toward tuition. Many families have experienced the benefit of using SCRIP already.

For those of you who are not yet involved in SCRIP, it's not too late. SCRIP means, "substitute money". SCRIP offers gift certificates from local and national merchants that are used just like cash in their stores. When you buy these certificates in advance of your shopping, our school earns a percentage of your purchase that is credited to you tuition account. Just think, money you intend to spend anyway is generating financial support for your child's education without costing you one penny more.

Each local and national merchant designates a percent that is credited to our school. Support from your family alone can generate this cash flow for our school every time you grocery shop, fill the car with gas, or even go out to dinner; not to mention the benefits if you get a neighbor or a family member to do the same. Seventy percent of all the profits you generate goes directly to your tuition account.

Checks are made payable to Trinity Lutheran School.  Scrip may be purchased on Sunday mornings at Trinity Lutheran Church or in the school office during the week.