kindergarten - 8th Grade Enrollment

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Students are auto-enrolled! 

This means that current families of students in K- 7 do not need to do anything to re-enroll. You will automatically be guaranteed a seat in the next grade level classroom!

REMINDER: All FACTS accounts will be finalized on January 21 which means the $50 non-refundable registration fee per student will be invoiced to your FACTS account on February 1. Payment of this deposit is what secures your registration. REGISTRATION FEE DUE DATE is February 11. 

 (If you have a tuition payment plan, more than one payment, the FACTS fee listed on your payment plan will be drawn from your account on January 31.) 

New Student Enrollment k-8th

To Register

  • Complete the on-line application (paper applications available in the school office.)
  • All incoming students must undergo an educational assessment. K - 2 is a half hour teacher assessment and grades 3 - 8 undergo a MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) screening in Reading and Math on one of our chromebooks. The student does not have a time requirement and will usually complete the screening within 45 minutes to 2 hours.


A $50 Application Fee is required.

If a link is unavailable, the class may be full or near full. Please contact Jennifer Weyeneth, Admissions Counselor, 563-322-5224 ext. 126 or for an update on placement.