God controls politics

God controls politics.

Golter, you got to be joking!


Look at the world not with your eyes but with your ears.

Hear Scripture as it documents history.

  • The Egyptian Pharaoh thought he controlled the world. With 600 chariots he went after the defenseless Israelites (Ex. 14:6). God sunk him in the Red Sea.
  • Through prophets God tells the Israelites to return to Jerusalem after 70 years. How does He make the conditions favorable? He changes foreign policy. GOD CHANGES FOREIGN POLICY. He eliminates Nebuchadnezzar and raises up a pagan King Cyrus. Nebuchadnezzar deported defeated countrymen from their homeland to Babylon; King Cyrus kept defeated peoples in their homeland as long as they showed allegiance to the Persians. Might I add: God put into King Cyrus’ heart to expend funds for the rebuilding of the Temple. The government funded the Gospel. That’s a change of foreign policy!
  • King Herod thought he was king of the universe. Threatened by the baby Jesus, he killed all male babies in Bethlehem two years and younger (Matt. 2:16). But God sent an angel re-directing the Holy Family and protecting baby Jesus. His death was already planned; it would be on a Cross some 32 years later.

Earthly kings and politicians may think they’re running the show. It’s called arrogance.

They don’t. God raises up kings, presidents, and earthly powers to do His bidding.

To the eye America is a mess: a new morality based on one’s opinion, a redefinition of the word “racism” (if you’re white and male, you’re racist); open violence with little to no threat of punishment, etc.

What is a child of God to do?

Go to church. Receive forgiveness for sins. Pray.

Walk by faith in the Triune God who never breaks His promises.

God controls politics.

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