It’s not on the table.

What, Pastor Golter?

To not do anything, to take another pause.

Trinity, this is a generational moment to move forward, to refresh the facility, to call an associate pastor, to keep preaching the Gospel. We don’t stop.

Just like our Trinity forefathers.

October 9th, 1933: some discussed closing the school. “In view of present economic conditions, it might be well to close the school entirely, or cut down our teaching force.”

January 8th, 1934: “Reverend Harms pointed out 1) the absolute need of our school just during these times… 2) the necessity of helping our school for the present and the future…After a lengthy discussion…it was moved and carried whole-heartedly to continue support our Christian Day school 100%.”

Stopping or pausing was not an option.

So I was reading 2 Chronicles 24. The Lord’s house was in ill-repair. “Joash decided to restore the house of the LORD,” (24:4). They made a chest and set it outside of the gate. The Lord’s people brought their offerings. “And all the princes and all the people rejoiced…” (24:10).

Where God met them through the Word and the OT sacraments, they cherished that location on earth. They adorned that holy place.

Application is so easy here at Trinity.

Refresh, repurpose, and restore the Lord’s House here.

 Where Jesus meets us and we meet Him

 Where He surprises with full forgiveness.

Where His kids learn of the joy of life with Him.

Bring your offerings, your acts of grace.

It will take all of us. God will surprise.

To not do anything…

It’s not on the table.