Bible characters are not ...

The Bible characters are not super-heroes.

Super-Abraham. Super-Adam. Super-Mary.

Super-John the Baptist.

But Jesus calls John the Baptist the greatest of all men (Matt. 11:11).

Greater than Plato (428-348 BC); Shakespeare (1564 – 1616 A.D.).

Charles Darwin (1809-1882); Albert Einstein (1879-1955 A.D.).

God’s judgment of great men is so different.

Yet, this great John the Baptist has doubts.

He who had preached of Jesus and had baptized him now is in prison.

He tells his disciples to ask this of Jesus.

“Are you the Coming One, or shall WE look for another?” (Matt. 11:2).

I highlight WE because we all have doubts as to whether Christianity is the only saving religion.

Is Jesus the only saving God?

Is Christianity the only true, saving religion?

What arrogance!

Is Jesus the Coming One?

This is never a theoretical question.

It is a question of life, present and eternal life.

For all of us. John’s WE includes us.

Jesus’ answer pointed to what He did, His miracles, raising of the dead, etc.

All prophesied by Isaiah (ch. 35:4-5), some seven-hundred years before.

John owned doubt, even as the greatest of all men.

And, millions of people over the centuries have lost their faith.

John’s doubts—and ours---Jesus answers in and through His Word.


Take the long view.

I get impatient when our home internet service is slow.

In college football, players wanting more playing time - right now - enter the transfer portal.

I recall Islam plays the long view. They think generations and hundreds of years to take over a country. So their families have lots of kids.

Consider Adam and Eve’s fall into sin.

Conservative scholars view the age of the earth between six to ten thousand years old.

Our Lord immediately preaches His solution to Adam’s disobedience by His own conception in the Woman’s womb.

How long did the Lord wait? Four to eight thousand years till the Bethlehem miracle of saving.

The Lord tells Jeremiah that He will exile His people for seventy years and then restore them. (Jer. 25:11; 33:14). Jeremiah prays for understanding, (Jer. 32:16 f.). Wouldn’t you?

Trinity’s pastors and laity refused to close the school during the dust storms of 1933 and 1934. They refused by faith to close God’s mission school.

Sixteen years later, 80 acres of property were purchased from the Maxwell farm in 1950. Buildings built for Gospel proclamation. Oh, how I wish I could enter a travel machine and go back and hear their Voter’s meetings discussions!

Our current Let’s Go! investment is for the long view, generations now and beyond.

“That the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn,” (Ps. 78:6).

Be assured. God is using your gifts of grace; He hears your prayers; and, He is working through you by His plans.

Have you made your gracious commitment yet?

Our Lord takes the long view.

Let’s do the same. 


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