Domican republic diary: Safe arrival

We started by waking up super early. We all were excited to start the day and hoping for safe travels.

We had a lot of jokes throughout the travel, including the class clown - Mrs. Berry didn't mention names - getting to welcome everyone over the speaker of the last flight.

Over our long layover, Pastor Golter did a Bible study on Acts 6: 6-10 to start out our mission with direction. (Pastor took full advantage of the long layover)

We finally arrived in Santiago at 10:15 and headed to the seminary to get some rest so we can wake up energized and ready to soak up all the information we can.

- Kay Berry


Jessi Spath is going on her first mission trip.
While there still are some unknowns, there’s one thing for certain.
“Going to another country that is not as developed as the United States will be a very humbling experience,” said Jessi. “
I am just praying and putting my trust in Jesus. He is using this trip to humble me.”
Jessi is one of eight Trinity members (Pastor Golter, Elizabeth Golter, Kay Berry, Travis Jansen, Rachel Meyer, Iris Johnson and Eric Schocker) who will be traveling to the Dominican Republic, beginning on July 12.
The trip is an educational and exploratory experience – rather than a work trip.
“I think it is important that we do this to find out where Trinity can serve in this mission the best,” Jessi said. “
This may lead to a different area to serve than the Dominican Republic, or we may find that we have the ability to help with their school or one of the group homes we visit. This is a discovery trip to do just that: find out where the Lord can use Trinity's talents, abilities, and skills the best.”
It’s an opportunity for Trinity to grow both in our community and beyond.
“I hope we are able to gain some real friendships with the people we are serving in this country, and that it leads to a long-term relationship to serve them as the Lord sees fit,” Jessi said.
Please remember to keep this group in your prayers.



Don’t discount the gift that God’s giving to Trinity, Pastor Schilling.

In his monthly article, President Saunders, of our district, noted the total of 61 candidates which were available from both seminaries this Spring, only 61. That meant many congregations which asked for a pastor—54 congregations—did not receive a pastor.

Clergy shortage is a big deal; we also have a teacher shortage. The teacher and Director of Christian Education situation is more severe.

As I perused the Confirmation class several weeks ago, I saw so many young men and women who are potential church workers. We need to encourage.

Trinity is blessed greatly to be given Pastor Matthew Schilling, a near 30-month wait. The Call Committee diligently worked and prayed, along with all of you.

St. Paul tells the pastors from the congregations of Ephesus (modern day southwest Turkey) these words: “Pay careful attention to yourselves and to the flock in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God,” (Acts 20:28, emphasis added).

We prayed, studied, critically reviewed and made comparisons of the information of the pastors on the call list. But it was the Holy Spirit - Himself - who caused Pastor Schilling to be put here.

Warmly embrace Pastor and Karen Schilling, along with their delightful kids, Micah, Clara, and Caleb.

God brought them here as His gift. 


If there’s one person that should be the most excited about the arrival of Pastor Matthew Schilling, it’s got to be the church secretary – right?

“It’s been hard to contain the excitement,” said Janet Levetzow, who mans Trinity’s church office. “It’s been quite a journey the last couple of years, but God has provided, and I am ready to move ahead.”

Pastor Schilling will be installed as Trinity’s full-time Associate Pastor on June 11 at 2 pm. in the church. There will be a reception in the Fellowship Hall after the service to meet Pastor Schilling and his wife, Karen, and their three children, Micah, Clara and Caleb.

Pastor Schilling’s arrival marks the first time in 867 days – Pastor Vokt was called home on Jan. 25, 2021 - that Trinity will have two full-time pastors on staff.

“It will be wonderful to watch as the pastors and staff lead Trinity into the future,” Janet said. “Our families, the school parents and students need to know about Jesus. The days are challenging, but I’m excited to see how things work out.”

So are others.

“It will be a blessing to have Pastor Schilling working on strengthening our Family Ministry,” said James Ullman, who teaches first grade and is a member of Trinity’s Elders Ministry Team.

“Pastor Schilling will be a new set of eyes for Trinity – seeing things from a different view,” said Lisa Lindholm, who is a member of Trinity’s Board of Directors.

It’s OK to be super excited – even if you are not the church secretary.

HOLY WEEK services

If you missed any of Trinity's Holy Week and Easter Sunday worship services, you can watch by clicking below.

HOLY THURSDAY (April 6): You can watch the service by CLICKING HERE.

GOOD FRIDAY (April 7): You can watch the service by CLICKING HERE.

EASTER VIGIL (April 8): You can watch the service by CLICKING HERE.

EASTER SUNDAY (April 9): You can watch the service by CLICKING HERE.


This week's Family Ministry Moment video focuses on a game of hide-and-seek.

Check out the video by CLICKING HERE.


Trinity Lutheran has a tired facility.


Yes, we know this.


Years of delayed maintenance has left Trinity’s facility in a critical state.


Yes, we know this.


Years of collected clutter has put a strain on space capacity within Trinity’s facility.


Yes, we know this.


Tell us something we don’t know.


On Jan. 22 at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall, Trinity’s Build Team will be sharing a Let’s Go build initiative progress report.

Images of a potential new-look Trinity, as well as a design board, which will include color and texture samples, (there also may be a furniture sample) will be a part of the presentation.


Trinity’s Build Team also has scheduled cottage meeting and congregational forum dates, which eventually will lead to a proposed March 5 voters’ meeting.


The tone in our Let’s Go has oomph – a sense of excitement as we push forward.


We continue to walk by faith, remaining steadfast and trusting Him.


For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)


It’s going to take all of us – 100 percent committed.


Pastor Golter recently shared: To do nothing is not on the table.


A recent subject matter expert shared: Trinity’s facility is lacking, it’s only dangerous if nothing is done.


It’s time to go.


It’s our mission – bringing others to know Him through the Good News.


The Cabbage Patch Kid craze of 1983.

Do you remember this?

These unique dolls were in such high demand that shoppers camped overnight at toy stores, stormed displays, kicking, punching – and even using wooden bats – just to secure possibly one of the most treasured Christmas presents to ever hit store shelves.

Stores would sell out in minutes.

Normally retailing for $25, these one-of-a-kind dolls, which came with adoption papers, could be bought for as much as $2,000.

Shoppers went bonkers.

The Devil rejoices.

Our sinful nature causes us to drift – not just over dolls.

The temptations are intoxicating.

We become overwhelmed.

We lose control.

The Real Jesus becomes blurred.

We must desperately seek the real Jesus, Matthew Richard professes in his book “Will the Real Jesus Stand up.” He also writes: In the real Jesus do we receive real happiness, joy, and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Jesus is our gift.

He is our craze 24-7-365.

Enjoy the gift of Jesus this Christmas and beyond.


Trinity Lutheran has exciting news to share.


Pastor Matthew Schilling has accepted Trinity’s Call to serve as our full-time Associate Pastor.


Pastor Schilling currently serves at St. Paul’s Lutheran in Evansville, Ind.


“The Lord remains the Lord of His Church, moving His pastors as He sees fit for the sake of the mission,” Trinity Senior Pastor Randall Golter shared. :We're extremely happy to welcome Pastor Schilling, and his family to Trinity and the Let's Go effort to preach the Gospel to everyone.”


Gary Hentzel was a giver.

His style? Behind the scenes and anonymous.

Gary Hentzel was a master crafter.

Gary could take a piece of wood and transform it into a work of art that would leave you asking: How did he do that?

Gary Hentzel was a faithful servant of the Lord, always sharing and teaching the Good News.

On April 2, Gary Hentzel was called home to Eternal Glory.

His passion, love and legacy live on through his artwork.

“Every winter, Gary would go into hibernation – into his workshop,” said Gary’s wife, Corrin. “Gary loved to create pieces, then give them away as baby gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts.”

Some of Gary’s finished creations are available – for purchase – at the Artist’s Vault – Julie Wall’s studio in Eldridge, Iowa, which is open on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.., Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Proceeds from the purchases are going to Trinity’s Let’s Go initiative.

“When Trinity’s Let’s Go initiative got going, with pledge cards, is when Gary was so sick,” Corrin said. “The timing wasn’t right, and I kept telling God: ‘You are going to have to wait for us to make a decision on our giving.’ The opportunity to partner with Julie Wall and have the proceeds go to Lets Go was a perfect answer.”

It’s His timing.

Consider praying how the Lord may use you – through potential stored resources that you no longer need or use – to assist with our Let’s Go initiative.


Trinity welcomed more than 70 middle and high school students to its campus this past week.

Trinity hosted its first official Junior High Youth Gathering on Wednesday – and it was a hit.

The once-a-month event is for all middle school students – not just from Trinity.

Several students, who aren’t involved in our Confirmation program, attended our event. Praise the Lord.

Our High School Youth - which meets on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. - welcomed close to 40 students on Wednesday as well.

The group prepared care packages for college students. A special thank you to Pastor Grewe, Travis Jansen and Kari Smith for leading our Youth charge.


Tirzah Krey’s elevator speech is an eye-opener.

The missionary's message? 

“Come and see!”

“Exploring new cultures and meeting new groups of people can open your eyes to seeing how the Lord works in many different ways,” said Tirzah, who serves the Lord as a missionary through the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.

Tirzah, who serves alongside 40 missionaries in the Latin America and Caribbean region, based in the Dominican Republic, will be sharing her stories and experiences this weekend at Trinity Lutheran. It’s part of our LWML weekend celebration.

“Your whole perspective can change when you see that you have brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world,” Tirzah shared.

Tirzah, who has a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Windsor, provides care for missionaries and their families in all aspects of their physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

As I've navigated a couple of different hospital and clinic systems while caring for missionaries who are sick, it continues to astound me the different levels of care there are in other parts of the world,” Tirzah shared. “When we think we have "bad" health care here in the States, it's nothing compared to the poor quality of care that is often offered at the best hospitals in some countries.”


There is one constant, though.


“The Lord always provides,” Tirzah shared. “Even though life, church and culture look different, our Lord is the same wherever His people are.”


We just have to open our eyes!

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