Lifted up in prayer

Trinity’s Mission Club lifted a lot of people up in prayer this past week.

For Alivia Ryder, there’s one prayer request that she hopes gets answered.

“I prayed for Ms. Shou,” shared Alivia, who is a fourth-grader at Trinity School and is a member of Trinity’s Mission Club. “She was my first teacher here at Trinity, and I just like her a lot, and I really want her to have a happy retirement, or that she finds another job, and I hope that she is able to meet a lot of new people.”

Trinity’s Mission Club – an after-school opportunity for students in fourth-eighth grade – solicited prayer requests, and then spent Tuesday walking through the building praying over the requests.

“Our group likes to pray a lot,” Alivia shared. “I don’t get frustrated if our prayers aren’t answered. It’s up to God.”

The Mission Club, which meets monthly and is led by Rachel Meyer and Kay Berry, has been active during its first year.

The group, which began the year with close to 30 students and is now at 15 to 20, has been involved with many LWML activities and has helped with missionaries that have visited the church and school this past year.

“The enthusiasm the group has for others is great, along with their willingness to share their talents and joy in all they do,” Kay Berry shared.

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