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Trinity Lutheran ChurchSchool is a very special place. As a school ministry we hold up the values of Christ, Curriculum, Character, and Community.  

First and foremost our school is a special place because we strive to keep Jesus Christ at the center of all things. Our Savior is in the middle of our daily instruction. Christ is at the center of our relationships as well. Jesus in the center means that our students learn how to express their sorrow over their sin and then have the blessing of rejoicing in the wonderful forgiveness that is ours in Christ.

A strong academic program is offered to students so that they can succeed in life. We also believe and teach that students with strong Christian character will be the leaders that are needed for the future of our nation, our churches, and our families.

Finally, we nurture in our students a belief that they can change their community and the world for the better.

We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about the blessings of Lutheran Education. Please give us a call to set up a time to meet.

Former Trinity teacher, principal honored to be part of

150th Anniversary celebration

Jan Doellinger and Larry Radetzki had a pact.

The two former Trinity staff members – Jan, who led Trinity’s senior choir, and Larry, who was called to glory in August 2019, as her accompanist, agreed that they would retire together at the Lutheran Home and have wheel-chair races up and down the hallways.

“That’s one of my favorite Trinity memories,” said Jan (Schanbacher) Doellinger, who served as a teacher (1975-1996) and a principal (1997-2001) at Trinity. “Unfortunately, Larry left us way too soon.”

Jan,  will return to the site of many of her education memories, when she leads Trinity’s Sunday morning Bible study, this weekend, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

It’s all part of Trinity’s 150th Anniversary celebration, which also will feature Pastor Michael Tanney – a former Director of Christian Education at Trinity - serving as this weekend’s guest preacher.

“It was a thrill and honor to be asked to come,” said Jan, who now serves as the Assistant to Iowa District East President Brian Saunders and provides support to the district’s schools.  “During my time at Trinity, it was really about the people. I worked with great staffs, and their personalities just came through. They were truly dedicated.”

The focus of this weekend’s celebration is Lutheran education.

“Lutheran schools are about relationships,” Jan said. “It’s about the cross and what Christ has done for us. It’s an opportunity to learn through Word and Sacrament. It’s about faith and trust.”

During Jan’s time in Lutheran education, not much has changed.

“Looking back, Lutheran schools are just as important now as they were 50, 75, 100 years ago,” Jan said. “If that changes, we just need to close our doors.”

The one difference, though.

“Students, families, the culture all have changed from 50 years ago,” Jan said. “We have the wonderful opportunity to supply the best education and teach students about God. Our resources are a whole lot different and life-changing in a lot of ways.

“Lutheran education is about consistency and working toward the same goal.” Jan said.

It's all about relationships - it’s a life-changing pact. 

middle school band concert


New Arrival and Dismissal Updates

Trinity has made some tweaks to its arrival and dismissal procedures. All changes, are listed below, begin today (Sept. 21).

ARRIVAL FOR KINDERGARTEN AND OLDER SIBLINGS: Kindergarten students and their older siblings will enter at the North Door. We ask that you park and walk your child to the door. For the first week or so, there will be a teacher aid inside the door to direct the students to their kindergarten classroom. Please park in the far-north lot.

OLDER PRESCHOOL SIBLING ARRIVAL: The parents of preschool children can drop off older siblings at the main school door. A reminder that preschoolers should be escorted to the narthex door by one adult. A reminder to all parents: If you are walking a student to the building, you need to wear a mask.

HEALTH SCREENINGS: Beginning on Monday, if students forget their health-screening form, the only location to get a screening will be at the receptionist desk inside the main door to the school. Parents must ensure that they get their child to the main door if they need a screening. Remember that you may need to be present with your child, if they cannot answer the questions on the form.

CHANGES TO THE A-M DISMISSAL: Beginning on Monday (Sept. 21), families who have last names that begin with L or M will pick up at the Marquette Street parking lot. This DOES NOT apply to preschool or kindergarten families who have older siblings. You will still continue to pick up your preschooler or kindergartener at the north door and older siblings at the narthex/church doors. For those making the move, you will need to enter at the Marquette Street entrance. You will turn into the lot at the first turn. You will need to park and then display your name placard. Once your family name has been called by a person with a walkie-talkie, we ask that you put the name placard down.

DISMISSAL REMINDER: Reminder for A-M dismissal: Students in grades 1-8 will not be dismissed until 2:15 p.m. Remember that we have some preschool and kindergarten families who arrive at 2 p.m. to pick up. If they have older siblings, we would like them to be the first cars in the lines near the doors. If you have students only in grades 1-8 we ask that you not file into the line of cars until at least 2:10 p.m. We’ve run into problems with so many people being early that our preschool and kindergarten families sometimes can not get out of their parking spaces.

Visitor policy

Beginning on Sept. 8, Trinity’s visitor policy will undergo changes – this includes both church and school families during business hours Monday-Friday.

Because of COVID, some prominent changes include: all visitors will be asked to call the school before entering the building.  (563-322-5224)

Trinity’s vestibule will be limited to four individuals, so you may have to wait before entering the building. 

Our secretary in the vestibule will screen all visitors before they will be allowed to navigate to their destination. 

Stay tuned for more details.

We are committed.

The humming from the water fountain outside Principal Meyer’s office breaks the silence.

The silence – it’s almost eerie.

While it is summer break, Trinity Lutheran’s main entrance normally is still a continuous turnstile, with children, parents and congregational members navigating our building.

Not this summer.

Not for the past three and a half months.

There is hope, however.

Mr. Meyer shared last week that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is scheduled to provide an update at the beginning of July on the upcoming school year.

No matter the decision, Trinity Lutheran will be prepared.

We are committed.

Trinity Lutheran is crafting a return to learn plan, which includes contingency plans for whatever the upcoming school year may look like.

“We want to provide the very best education, no matter the circumstance,” Mr. Meyer said. “We will work very hard – just like our teachers did during this past fourth quarter – to make sure that happens.”

We are committed to our mission and vision.

“Our commitment to you is to prepare our students to be World Ready and Faith Secure,” Mr. Meyer said. “We want your kiddos to be ready to face this world and be successful citizens, but more importantly, we want them to be citizens of heaven.”

We are committed to partnering with families.

“If it is your desire for your child to have a Christ-centered education, we will do everything in our power to come up with a plan that works for you,” Mr. Meyer said.

We are committed.


Marvin Wyatt knew he needed to act soon – not only for the sake of his middle-school daughter’s education, but for her safety.

“It was time,” Marvin said. “I had to find a better and safer environment for Maci.”

It got to a point, where Marvin didn’t feel safe dropping Maci off at the public school, where she attended through seventh grade.

“She was afraid, I was afraid,” Marvin said.

A conversation with a co-worker eventually led to Maci’s enrollment at Trinity Lutheran School.

“I wish I would have done this sooner,” said Marvin, who is a divorced co-parent. “Being a single parent never makes it easy, but it was important for me to have her attend Trinity.”

It’s important to Trinity Lutheran ChurchSchool as well.

“Coming to Trinity has been eye-opening – it’s night and day from the public school,” Marvin said. “Trinity sat down with us, cared for us and opened your arms to us. It’s just been fantastic. It’s all about value, and Trinity provides an extreme value. At the end of the day, this happened for a reason, and we are so thankful it did.”

trinity School

For over 140 years our Lutheran school have helped children prepare for life in this world while growing in their understanding and faith in Jesus as their Savior from sin. God gives to us all the gift of forgiveness through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. God shows this to us in the Holy Bible; this is the source of our understanding of the relationship between God and man.

Trinity Lutheran School offers the opportunity for children to receive instruction and training in five specific areas of development:

  • Spiritual  
  • Academics
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional

God has created each child as a unique person. Our curriculum is not simply academic teaching but is also an effort to nurture Christian relationships, both with God and with each other. Our prayer is that students leaving Trinity have grown close to the Lord, with a connection to Him strong enough to withstand the world’s challenges.

We would love for you to come to Trinity for your own Educational Consultation.  Contact us at 563-322-5224 or just complete our online Educational Consultation request form!

Facts Family Portal

(Formerly ParentsWeb)

Trinity uses Facts SIS Management Software, which  gives you, the busy parent, an opportunity to get more involved in your child’s academic progress and future success – all via the Internet! Through use of a private and secure portal, parents can view academic information specific to their children, while protecting their children's information from others.

Family Portal can be used to:

    • See your child's grades, attendance,  and conduct
    • Access a variety of posted school information
    • Communicate with teachers
    • Access your FACTS account to view your payment plan, scheduled payment dates, funding source and incidental billing


Trinity Lutheran ChurchSchool admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and

activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,  national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational or admission policies, athletics, and other school administered or  sponsored programs.